Prior to this post (October 2018) I mentioned about an “Untitled” project. Since then that original project has been put on hold for good reasons. I’ll disclose that in the near future. However, beginning of this year I have acquired new gear to my arsenal. I’ve had my eye locked on for an SP-404 for quite sometime. Not for production use necessarily, but for live performances. I can’t stress how much it’s given me motivation on creating. It’s changed my life since the turntables.

I started working on a beat tape in March and have matured to a full on album to be released in the next few months. I’ve approached a few people to collaborate with on this project. Everyone hand picked to help me enhance the overall experience.

The title “Paths 77” (originally “Paths”) came from an encounter I had this recent year. I had crossed paths with someone that I havent seen for ages. Inspired from that meeting I started making music again, but this time the sound was different. For those who have followed me back then and who is familiar with the style of beats I make for scratch loopers, my music tends to be darker. Happy with the new outcome I’ve decided to move forward with this new direction. Of every song that I’ve composed for this album, each one takes you to a certain chapter of my life. I’ll break it down in detail once it’s been released. Anyways that’s the update. Thanks for reading.


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