As far as I can remember I've attempted to work on a solo project since 2003. Since then I've contributed to numerous releases for tablist colleagues, live bands, hip hop groups, and yet only released a grip of scratch loopers for the scratch community. The closest to completing an album was back in 2014 and … Continue reading THE UNTITLED ALBUM



Kid Koala is a genius. I would've left it at that and not type up any more for this post, but I can't leave not shouting out Marissa, Matt, Christina and Rob for a great night out. Thanks again guys! Kid Koala's "Sattelite" show is an experience and a half. I recommend you going to … Continue reading PAUL SKRATCH SEASON 2 EP2 – VLOG

Raiden Fader RPM100

A few days ago I received the prototype for Raiden Fader's latest innovation, the RPM100. For those who are following me on Instagram (@paulskratch), I've leaked a few photos and videos of it in action. My first initial reaction was the size and how compact it is considering the number of features it has. The … Continue reading Raiden Fader RPM100


The last looper that I produced was on February 12, 2016. Since then it's been procrastinating mode for me when it came to making music. I've attempted numerous times on producing albums, that later narrowed to EPs and soon dissolved to beat loops. I think any creative has gone through the critical self critic and … Continue reading PAUL SKRATCH VOL. 1