The last looper that I produced was on February 12, 2016. Since then it’s been procrastinating mode for me when it came to making music. I’ve attempted numerous times on producing albums, that later narrowed to EPs and soon dissolved to beat loops. I think any creative has gone through the critical self critic and is afraid of releasing content that they were not fully proud of.  With that said, I’m trying not to overthink things from now on.

I decided to name this quick release project as Volume 1 because I felt that it is the first step for this new lead. I have been receiving numerous requests on making this as an actual downloadable looper. Currently it is available through (IOS / Android) mobile app & web looper) and at Tablebeats (IOS / Android) mobile app. Check out some of the Instagram posts by the scratch community.


Track Listing:

  1. Bad Breath Seth
  2. Burnt Toast
  3. Chicken Dance 2022
  4. Creepy Dude Theme
  5. Fake Moon Landings
  6. Fluffed
  7. Magic Hole
  8. Meat Sweats
  9. Nosferatu’s Cavity
  10. Out Of Puns
  11. Paul’s Revenge
  12. Peeking Duck
  13. Say It Ain’t So Bill
  14. Stalking Stuffer
  15. Waist Bag Etiquette
  16. Wash Your Privates

Download Links: Web Looper Link App

Tablebeats App


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