I was fortunate to receive 2 copies of Bihari’s “The Ahhh Fresh Print It Yourself Picture Disc”. To be honest when I first saw his post, I was a tad bit jealous… Actually I was really jealous 🙂 It’s a brilliant idea and had wished I came up with the idea.

Bihari_self-adhesive-Scratch_record_001Bihari_self-adhesive-Scratch_record_003Bihari_self-adhesive-Scratch_record_004Bihari_self-adhesive-Scratch_record_005 (1)

Make your own picture disc at home with this self-adhesive scratch record. Use A4 or Letter size Glossy or Matte photo paper. The skipless record contains two main scratch samples: Ahhh & Fresh. Get yours now at Bihari Designs.

PSD template files available for download!


1. Print your design, use A4/Letter size glossy or matte photo paper. You can use any other already printed creative paper, magazine covers or posters too!

2. Cut the center hole on your design with a utility knife, scissors, or 7mm punch.
Place the design onto a turntable platter.

3. Remove the foil from the self-adhesive record and stick it onto your design.

4. Remove the unnecessary paper parts with scissors.

The skipless 7″ record contains the two common samples: Ahhh & Fresh.



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