Raiden Fader RPM100

A few days ago I received the prototype for Raiden Fader's latest innovation, the RPM100. For those who are following me on Instagram (@paulskratch), I've leaked a few photos and videos of it in action. My first initial reaction was the size and how compact it is considering the number of features it has. The … Continue reading Raiden Fader RPM100



Demonio and Apex Breaks is the two original releases under the Skratcher Records label. Both produced and created by Wundrkut, with the creative art direction supported by myself. The idea was to produce a simple go to record to pack along with you for the outdoor session, packing light for your treck. Demonio was named … Continue reading DEMONIO BREAKS X APEX BREAKS


I believe it was July 2004 that I had a conversation with band mate Matt Chan (No Luck Club) about a concept music video I had. It consists of us individually on different rooftops across the city questioning and answering with our turntables. Back then I was imagining a full DJ setup being filmed my … Continue reading PORTABLE SCRATCH x DRONE VIDEOS